☁️ Live World-wide Weather Forecast Teller.

Weather Forecaster.

This is a website I made, while I was practicing my BackEnd skills with Node. I also wanted to test out [OpenWeatherMap's API], and in case you are wondering what that is, fell free to check it out.

Other than the live weather display, I also made a form which you can use to tell which cities, forecast you want. Also, you can get the weather in °C(Celsius), °F(Fahrenheit), K(Kelvin).

And here is the weather Display. It is pretty simple because my main focus was to use a server to do this, and not make it all fancy with CSS.

To use the website, make sure to press the run button, and if you enter a city that doesn't exist, then you will receive an error page.

Packages I used:

I hope you enjoy this and feel free to suggest any features below. Signing off for now, OLDWIZARD209

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like i said, this is simple, but i was just supposed to be testing myself, not making anything fancy @ChopSueyMaster