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MeghanaG1 (28)

Developers: @DeepiRdy and @MeghanaG1

a wellness website that helps users kalm down

JosephSanthosh (1196)


Nice Job mate!

Leroy01010 (419)

this is what i need after fixing 20 annoying errors.

this actually is good

KellerWorthen (41)

nice. exactly what I needed to kalm down

DannyIsCoding (694)

Alternate version of this site: every link is a rickroll

Great webpage btw.

JosephSanthosh (1196)

May I ask why Eminem and katy perry is in the list of calm music ? To me they are the most disturbing people, in real life and in music.

Smart0ne (724)

panik: lose in a game
kalm: go into kalm website
panik: computer disconnects

MarcusWeinberger (773)

Love the style, and the music survey, pretty cool!

arivvid27 (26)

No offense, but the music tab does not work

Gabby8C0des8 (27)

i honestly needed this