Tip calculator
StevenMatiz (4)

A simple calculator to help with tipping your waiter or waitress.

Asks the user for the bill, then prompts the user to pick any of the most common tip percentage options (15%, 18%, or 20%), and finally provides the user the original bill, tip, and the final bill. Also features a return option to rerun the program.

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Andi_Chin (220)

it's nice seeing people using C++ on here. Python and JS are kinda overrated

AdCharity (1326)

@Andi_Chin well I mean all languages are important but C++ is like foundational stuff

StevenMatiz (4)

Hi, thanks for the comment! C++ is the only language I know as of now haha. I do plan on learning Python and especially more of HTML during the summer or else time in the future.