SCP Database!
angrydoge (481)

SCP Database

Hoi! Welcome to my project, SCP database!

It scrapes for results, try it out!

Why am I doing this instead of school

Hope you enjoy it!


Just put in the SCP number
Um duh...

This is my first time with BeautifulSoup so it took the whole morning
pls updoot

okeh bai

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CyberHacker101 (136)

its been a long time you posted something wat u hiding in ur sleeves?

angrydoge (481)

:V i'm making a virus. It Wjen I got it pretty good, I made it too well and it infected unrecoverably @CyberHacker101

CyberHacker101 (136)

also do u know wats happening with python with turtle i cant get mine to run for some reason @angrydoge

angrydoge (481)

Idk. Are you using the python turtle language on replit or just the python language @CyberHacker101

angrydoge (481)

THAT WAS CLOSE! @CyberHacker101

The title loaded before the video lol.
But that was smooth

CyberHacker101 (136)

sigh i will get you one day YOU SHALL NEVER WIN WAHAHHAHAHAH



CyberHacker101 (136)

oke thats was amazingly funny

also i actually need help on the turtle with python thing
its been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time since ive coded with python ooof here's the link @angrydoge