Minesweeper v3

So Minesweeper v3. Bug free? I hope?

I also added some new graphics, hopefully you guys will like them. The tiles randomly change, so don't take that as a hint to where bombs are or something. The flags also randomly alternate between a circle and a cross. Just though that'd look cool.

There's also different levels! Easy, medium, hard, and extreme.

Oh, and I actually haven't beat the hard or extreme levels yet (cause they're hard and extreme), so if you can beat them, especially if you beat extreme, then well done!

And... I'll be posting high scores for fastest time to complete each level.

And just a side note, let's see what we have here - Minesweeper, Tetris, what's next? Space Invaders? Pac-Man? 🤔 Upvote if you want to see those games come out :)

Good luck, and enjoy!

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@iterate oh thanks!