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intendo's big yoshi adventure
JonathanBador (13)

An incredible triple-A game, wow.

JonathanBador (13)

Thanks! I'm a beginner now but I will make great, 'real' games in the future(:@JohnBarnhart

JohnBarnhart (11)

@JonathanBador what do you mean? You games are more then great, they are AMAZING!!!!

FrancisPan (6)

when you use 'right' You saw Wario at the entrance and he threw a Koopa shell at you... LOL

Brendan23 (137)

@JonathanBador maybe add an option to restart when you die/lose.

Nanowrimoijk (58)

It may not be much, but it gave me a laugh XD

Kavin1983 (1)

nice project and cool idea, but you should probably put a few empty lines in the code so it can be easier to read. like for example.

x= input("yes or no: " ).lower()

if x == "yes":

elif x == "no":


bruh olimar kinda wacc in smash bros