ASCII Shooter Game

Honk Honk YES! quote from @DannyIsCoding, originally taken from @HahaYes.

Ignore that. Anyway,

It might not work

Hey guys! I've been working on this a little bit now, and I think it's done. I was going to work on this project a little longer, but school's almost over and I really want to get some other C++ projects out of the way before it ends.

Also special thanks to:

So thanks guys! You really helped me a lot!

Enjoy :)

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don't mind the Key baord intturrupt, I got that error


@NeilYe yeah, that's because you died lol


@DynamicSquid Make it error code 0 upon exit?


@DynamicSquid oh, Thanks! but please make it into a string so I won't be freaking out.


@NeilYe there! i fixed it :)