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Labyrinth 2: Escape Atlantis


The glitch orbs are back, and this time, they are in the legendary lost city...

Labyrinth 2: Escape Atlantis

As a sequel to Labyrinth, the glitch orbs have followed you to your home, Atlantis. Since you got away so easily last time, they have some new tricks up their sleeves...


A wall. You can run into it, it just wont do anything.
a glitch wall. The same thing as a wall, except a little bit brighter, and you can only see it like the glitch orbs.
A glitch orb. If you run into it, you die :(
A door. Use this to get to the next area.
{ } A clam. If you go into it's mouth (in between the { and }) then it will chomp you.
Ø A coin. Running over one gives you +1 coin.
© A glitch coin. Can only be seen like the glitch orbs. Gives you +3 coins.
This is you.


w move up
a move left
s move down
d move right
you can also use the arrow keys to move

How to spot glitched items

The glitch orb (), glitch coin (©), and glitch wall () can only be seen if you are in the same row/column as them.

What's new

The clam: ({ }) will eat you if you move in between it's jaws. (do clams have jaws, or are they called something else...?)

The coin: (Ø) When you run over it, it gives you +1 coin and disappears.

The glitch coin: (©) When you run over it, it gives you +3 coins and disappears. It's a glicthed item (see "How to spot glitched things")

The glitch wall: () Acts the same as a wall. You can run into it, but it will stop you. It is a glitched item.

Colors: From a request by

, I have added colors.

player: green
coin/glitch coin: orange
door: blue
walls/glitched walls: cyan
glitch orbs: red

Levels: There are 4 more levels. The last few are much harder than level 6 on the original game.

Shop: (idea by

)After a level, you are given the option to go to the shop. If you do, you can unlock player colors if you have 15 coins.

You can also use arrow keys to move now

Less lag

Yes, there is less lag :D
This was an issue in the first game because it was annoying, so I am pleased to report that there is a lot less lag!


If you don't know, the objective is to keep going through the doors to get to the next area. If you beat the last area, share the amount of coins you have in the comments!


Once you beat a level, you are given the option to open a chest. This will either take away 8 coins or give you 10


Again, I am open to suggesitons!

Custom maps

I am letting you guys make some maps because I am running out of ideas!


________________________________ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |________________________________| ░ ▒ ≡ ■ Ø © { }

You can increase/decrease the size of the map, but remember, the player always spawns at the bottom-left side of the map. (NOTE: The larger the map, the more lag there is)

________________________ | | | | | | |v | |_<______________________|

Make sure the level is possible.
You can name it if you want.
so, submissions should look like this:

<level name> @<username> ________________________________ | | | | | | | | | put stuff here | | | | | | | |________________________________|

hope you like it!
(also, there is an easter egg ending, see if you can find it!)

2 years ago
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