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i made something
DREWthejsman (5)

Took me a few days with me being new at coding, but I made something. Any tips???

FranklinStopar (20)

I think you should make a song or two inspired by some artists that the younger generation like me listen to...Like The Kid Laroi and Juice Wrld

DREWthejsman (5)

@FranklinStopar listen to my friend Jack, yt: Jack's Animations

IndyRishi (149)

Nice website! Suggestions:
Add pictures
Add more pages
Add line breaks
Change the size of "Go to:" and make it smaller
Separate text
Add CSS for fonts
Add CSS for color
Add some buttons that play your songs
Thank you for seeing my suggestions!

BobTheTomatoPie (3355)

@DREWthejsman listen to @IndyRishi suggestions, they are really good

IndyRishi (149)

@BobTheTomatoPie Thank you! I don't want to sound like an annoying pop-up ad for fried pickles but you should check out my posts! I got games, motion detectors, blinky things, and more! Than you!

DREWthejsman (5)

@IndyRishi I don’t wanna sound like that guy, but how do I make a button that plays the song?