Quizizz infinite points "hack"

So this is a project I worked on for about 2 days in my cybersecurity class because I had nothing else to do. It is a short program that will give you as many points as you want per question, whether your answer is right or wrong.

Here is a demo:

The demonstration is a solo match but I have tested it and it also works for live games. Just run this code while on the page before the game and enter the amount of points you want.

How it works

In quizizz, you answer questions and if you get them right you get points. Pretty simple. The faster you answer them, the more points you get for a right answer. Here is the fun part: when you answer a question, the request to the server contains all of the points you should get for the question. Example request (simplified):

As you may have noticed, you can tell the server how many points to give you not only if you answer a question correctly, but if you also answer it incorrectly. Therefore, you simply intercept all of the fetch requests, filter through them to find the right ones, and make the points how ever much you want.

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i just joined repl and can you help me out on instructions for it to work?


@RVEek Copy all of the code here: (() => { const pointsPerQuestion = parseInt(prompt("Points per question:")); const nativeFetch = fetch; window.fetch = function (resource, init) { if ( [ "https://game.quizizz.com/play-api/v4/soloProceed", "https://game.quizizz.com/play-api/v4/proceedGame", ].includes(resource) ) { const data = JSON.parse(init.body); data.response.provisional.scores = { correct: pointsPerQuestion, incorrect: pointsPerQuestion, }; data.response.provisional.scoreBreakups = { correct: { base: pointsPerQuestion, timer: 0, streak: 0, powerups: [], total: pointsPerQuestion }, incorrect: { base: pointsPerQuestion, timer: 0, streak: 0, powerups: [], total: pointsPerQuestion }, }; init.body = JSON.stringify(data); } return nativeFetch(resource, init); }; })();.

Create a new bookmark in your browser. In the section where you would normally type the URL of the website, type "javascript:" without the quotes. After, paste to code you copied earlier. Now when you click the bookmark the code will be executed on the current webpage. Right after you start a game, click the bookmark. A pop-up box shoud appear. If it doesn't then the previous steps were done wrong. In the pop-up box, type the amount of points you want per question. For solo games you will get points whether you are right or wrong, but in multiplayer games you will need to get the questions correct to get the points, but you will still get whatever amount you entered. Tell me if you have any questions.