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i fixed @ChaosEmerald 's battle game
jcfjfc (1)

i just fixed it this. i also added winnerwannabe, the rest function, showing energy, defence, clearing the screen, and the teacher.

this is where i found it:


ruiwenge2 (631)

it was actually created by me...

jcfjfc (1)

@ruiwenge2 oh i found it at and i just went with it. btw mewtwo does not work. phyco boost is broken

jcfjfc (1)

and i don't know how half of this works i have only used time and random and stuff like that so the only reson i was able to fix it was b/c it told me it expected an indent so i kan't fix it more;-;

jcfjfc (1)

@ChaosEmerald i fixed it and forgot to say sry

ChaosEmerald (4)

Idea for winnerwannabe: Poison Apple. He tosses a poison apple at the foe.

jcfjfc (1)

@ChaosEmerald idk how to do damage accross rounds i might work on it later

jcfjfc (1)

i am thinking of using count = 0 and stuff like that but having problems. ur free to fork if u want