Hack! - Uncover the dark secrets this company holds...
mrsprinkletoes (154)

Hi! This is going to be my game jam entry, and I would love it if you guys could test it out and let me know of any serious bugs there may be. Thanks!

Edit: https://repl.it/talk/challenge/Hack/11990

  • also, I suggest viewing the code after you've played as you may discover how to skip parts of the story (by discovering future information)
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Theres a bug that dont lets you copy the links or text. It gives you an error and then say "Keyboard Interrupt"

mrsprinkletoes (154)

@IzanLarumbe yeah, unfortunately this is not possible for me to fix as it is replit's command line. if there is some way you think i could fix this let me know!


@mrsprinkletoes Im thinking in some copy-paste API. Let me search for something like that.


@mrsprinkletoes Maybe this:

import os
def addToClipBoard(text):
    command = 'echo ' + text.strip() + '| clip'

# Example
addToClipBoard('penny lane')

# Penny Lane is now in your ears, eyes, and clipboard.

@IzanLarumbe Actually works on IDE's but i dont know how it will with repl.it