🚨THE THEME IS MUSIC🚨: WIN $5,000! We're having another competition!
katyadee (1302)

Friends, foes, loyal Replers,

Boy do I have some news for y'all! On July 1st, we're kicking off another competition and the stakes are higher than ever.

Types of programs accepted: Any.
Theme: MUSIC!
Rules: As always, must be original content & MUST be created and hosted on Repl.it
Prizes: $5,000, $2,500, and $1,000
Dates: July 1 @ 00:00 PST to July 21 @ 00:00 PST
Judge: Tom Lehman, the CEO of Genius

To submit, all you have to do is share your repl on Challenge!

Check out our FAQ if anything is unclear or you have any questions. And feel free to ask anything you need there, too!

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defecaterainbows (0)

Great, I have Rust crates compiling through repl.it!
I did it via abusing polygott :D

EDIT: The problem is, you have to cargo clean each time because it's unable to load crates that are downloaded onto the machine. This mean that it takes 42s just to change a simple program that prints a random number using the random crate... because the CPUs are slow and you have to recompile from scratch each time.