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how to make a keyword in to a defined word
ragsdale (19)

plz comment what I should improve in this tortorial

JSer (84)

print is not a keyword, it's a function (which works like variables)

ragsdale (19)

@JSer thanks JSer for reminding me, geez I still make those mastakes

21Miya (145)

@ragsdale Hi, just advice (You can do whatever you want but this may be helpful to you): Proper spelling and grammar makes any tutorial more professional. Instead of "plz comment what I should improve in this tortorial" you could say "please comment what I should improve in this tutorial."
Also, JSer told you that print isn't a keyword but you still have the tutorial listed as "how to make a keyword in to a defined word". Would you mind adjusting your tutorial name and such to fit what it actually is (setting a variable to a definition)?
I tried setting a variable to an actual keyword in Python to test this out and it returned an invalid syntax error. I feel as though the title of your tutorial may be misleading. Maybe change it to something like "setting a variable in Python"?

ragsdale (19)

@21Miya thanks for the device I totally appreciate it

QuinnRunnenburg (28)

you should make it both work and be usefull. Ow and use better syntax in you actual massage.

sharpvik (72)

That was refreshing. I didn't know you can do this in python!

ragsdale (19)

@sharpvik yes, but you have you have to try everything =)