*New!* Doodle Countdown - Full Version - Defuse the bomb before the time runs out!
CatR3kd (487)

Hey Guys!

Remember that project of mine that was pretty popular recently? The one where you defused the bomb? This is the full version!


  • 5x the amount of levels!
  • Main menu
  • Level creation instructions
  • Other minor changes

How to play:

Figure out all four digits to the code then enter it into the keypad!
Good luck!

Thanks for playing!

If you enjoyed, I would appreciate an upvote!

-CatR3kd <3

Visit my site: catr3kd.weebly.com

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Bigbodyboy21 (24)

@CatR3kd how are you supposed to solve the puzzles?

CatR3kd (487)

Figure out all four digits then enter them into the keypad @Bigbodyboy21

Bigbodyboy21 (24)

@CatR3kd but how do you figure out what the digits are?

CatR3kd (487)

They are hidden around the page! @Bigbodyboy21

Bigbodyboy21 (24)

@CatR3kd in three and two there isn't anything on the page

CatR3kd (487)

It's hidden in plain sight lol @Bigbodyboy21

Bigbodyboy21 (24)

@CatR3kd well how do you find it? is it in the console?

CatR3kd (487)

Nope! lol i cant tell... @Bigbodyboy21

Bigbodyboy21 (24)

@CatR3kd I didn't really hack, I looked in the code