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😎⚡️🎁 🎉 [CHAT] [POG] Ok, so you've seen JW's chat... but have you seen this? 🎉🧐
InvisibleOne (2988)

With all the necessary features of a full-fledged chat system, this little program does it all in just five lines of code. Taking under twenty minutes to develop, this is the greatest chat app ever made!!!



Don't forget to upvote pls pls pls!!!

By the way this is just a joke, this is garbage and hardly took me any time to make, go upvote someone who really put effort into their project.
RayhanADev (2521)

Lmfao this is kewl. GG

Vandesm: If you're a beginner and this is all you can do, that's OK
Me: Ummmm no-one (except one cycle-squeeze in third place) gets on the Replit Top 10 Leaderboard of All Time without being good

InvisibleOne (2988)

Well, I'm not that good, but I've been around for a while. @RayhanADev

PixiGem (104)

you have been reported for asking for cycles

Vandesm14 (2736)

Hey, I've unlisted this for now because there isn't much code in your repl. If you add more to the code, reply to this comment and I’d be happy to relist it!

If you're a beginner and this is all you can do, that's OK. I suggest waiting a bit before posting because Repl Talk is really for larger projects. You're free still to post your projects, just keep in mind they might be flagged down if they don't meet the guidelines.

InvisibleOne (2988)

Sorry, this was more a joke, I don't care if you unlist it. @Vandesm14

Vandesm14 (2736)

@InvisibleOne Actually, nevermind. Taking another look, I see that it's trying to be a chatroom in the smallest footprint possible (code golf). I think it's fine if I leave this up. I'll let you know if this decision changes. Good luck with your chatroom!

InvisibleOne (2988)

Lol thanks, yes I'm trying to get it as small as possible @Vandesm14

Vandesm14 (2736)

@InvisibleOne Reminds me of a project I made a year ago:, even excluding the essential libraries, it's still much larger :D

ch1ck3n (2065)

wow this actually works lol

IMayBeMe (478)

Ngl, this is probably the best thing on repl

JWZ6 (651)

@IMayBeMe i had more features and u don't like me sad (jk)

InvisibleOne (2988)

True, your's does have a "few" more features (lol your's is way better) @JWZ6

InvisibleOne (2988)

@JWZ6 I got it down to one line of code now, and it no longer requires you to put in a username as it takes your username already.

JWZ6 (651)

@InvisibleOne os.environ['REPL_OWNER'] too easy