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help wanted
NathanTodd2 (18)

help wanted

the project

this is a hasher that uses a database to find and match sha-256 hashes if the user hashes some thing and the hash is not in the data base we will add it eg. help hash is 106a5842fc5fce6f663176285ed1516dbb1e3d15c05abab12fdca46d60b539b7 directory would be (/hashes/1/0/6/a/5/8/4/2/f/c/5/f/c/e/6/f/6/6/3/1/7/6/2/8/5/e/d/1/5/1/6/d/b/b/1/e/3/d/1/5/c/0/5/a/b/a/b/1/2/f/d/c/a/4/6/d/6/0/b/5/3/9/b/7) it would come back with a file called106a5842fc5fce6f663176285ed1516dbb1e3d15c05abab12fdca46d60b539b7.txt witch is this case is help

how to get involved

first you have to apply witch is formated as

repl username:
discord name and tag:
why we should add you to this repl:
do you have repl DM:

next if you are accepted you will get pinged telling you that you were accepted and once you respond within a day of acceptance you will get a dm via repl DM with the invite link the link will expire in 1 day

i need all types of coders

belizairebr25 (0)

Sorry, google detected phishing and wont let me access your site. I have been working on a similar project in c++ and i have added a user input library so the user can store their own hashes for later use. what i think would work better, is making a random string generator and convert the output of it into sha256, then compare it against the user input and if it matches display the random string. This should be able to mine any hash and will remove the tedious task of creating a library, that at perfection, must be infinitely long.