Area of a Triangle Calculator
SirBilby (10)

Area of a Triangle Calculator

This is a very simple program I made because I was bored. You input the height and width and get the area.

I built it for a school assignment. It uses floats and inputs to create a calculator!

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT USE THIS TO CHEAT IN MATHS (regardless of how hard/easy/boring the homework/test/work/anything else is!)

If you use this and get into trouble I am not responsible!

By the way, you can't use fractions

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Bunnytoes (165)

hello @SirBilby and I am sorry to so this but your post is a bit short, so it may be unlisted, although if you add some more functions that will definetly help

SirBilby (10)

@Bunnytoes thanks. This is only a simple program so won't do anything else. It will be part of my bigger project I am working on which will have more functions :)