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AlbertoGonzlez5 (1)

import random
import hangman_art
import hangman_words

#TODO-1: - Update the word list to use the 'word_list' from
#Delete this line: word_list = ["ardvark", "baboon", "camel"]
chosen_word = random.choice(hangman_words.word_list)
word_length = len(chosen_word)

end_of_game = False
lives = 6

#TODO-3: - Import the logo from and print it at the start of the game.

#Testing code
#print(f'Pssst, the solution is {chosen_word}.')

#Create blanks
display = []
for in range(word_length):
display += "

while not end_of_game:
guess = input("Guess a letter: ").lower()

#TODO-4: - If the user has entered a letter they've already guessed, print the letter and let them know.
if guess in display:
    print(f"You have already guess '{guess}'")
    guess = input("Guess a letter: ").lower()
#Check guessed letter
for position in range(word_length):
    letter = chosen_word[position]
    #print(f"Current position: {position}\n Current letter: {letter}\n Guessed letter: {guess}")
    if letter == guess:
        display[position] = letter

#Check if user is wrong.
if guess not in chosen_word:
    #TODO-5: - If the letter is not in the chosen_word, print out the letter and let them know it's not in the word.
    print(f"The letter {guess} is not in the word.")
    lives -= 1
    if lives == 0:
        end_of_game = True
        print("You lose.")

#Join all the elements in the list and turn it into a String.
print(f"{' '.join(display)}")

#Check if user has got all letters.
if "_" not in display:
    end_of_game = True
    print("You win.")

#TODO-2: - Import the stages from and make this error go away.