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hang man game *one liner* in python [unfinished]
rafrafraf (1389)

can you truly make hangman in python in one line?

In order to answer this question you need the following:

  • adderall

I believe that this is possible, it's just absurdly challenging

I will definitely continue working on this but this has exhausted me for today

So far i am 1548 characters and counting


This is unfinished i just wanted to show you all the progress i made considering how difficult this has been so far.. so it WONT work entirely just yet

If any of you think you could make hangman in one line then i challenge you >:) see who can make it first

EDIT: I GOT IT WORKING! HERE i finished it in a new repl

gwood5901 (22)

Obviously not working, but I think this has potential if you get it to work. Good job!

HahaYes (1913)

Oh no, now there are two of them

JBloves27 (1695)

hahahahahaah, you managed it AGAIN! xd
Edit: has a big error XD

rafrafraf (1389)

@JBYT27 read the post description and title lol but thanks lmao

JBloves27 (1695)

lel, i did, just pointing out XD @rafrafraf

rafrafraf (1389)

@JBYT27 cool cool lmao i do think i will make it fully functional just maybe not today ahaha