the humble story of a teapot... who is bent on world domination
thenullified (167)

hello everyone! this is a game i made with @TheForArkLD and @CoolJames1610 !
@TheForArkLD provided the inspiration behind this game with his html and @CoolJames1610 did the animation all by himself!

i hope that whoever who chances upon this masterpiece really enjoys this!

if you liked the game and animations, pls upvote!
if you found any error, glitches, loopholes, or have any suggestions, please leave a comment!

EDUT: thanks for the 29 upvotes! i have released a good number of posts, but this garnered the most upvotes yet!
hint* i am already working on a sequel as my 100th cycle special and im planning to release a review soon

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DannyIsCoding (698)

hello Goose, you are a teapot

How did you know???