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Hi, I'm a teen programmer and over the past two days I've been making a Jeopardy game. Basically, It should work as long as you do these things:
-Don't put a space after the category or question number input.
-keep it simple. For example, "the dog" would mark incorrect but "dog" will be correct.
-make sure that when the answer is a number, that you ALWAYS type the numeral.
-keep all text lowercase except for your name and where you're from.
all right, that should be it! If you run into any problems, please comment them. Thanks!

p.s. It works best in full screen!

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How many factors does a composite number have?
the correct answer was: 1

Hmm... composite is a number with more than 1 factor...

Also I think I found a bug - I could just chose the same category and get the same question over and over again...

Oh, and one more thing. In programming we have these things called "loops". And what a loop does is it can take lines 140 to 1140 and shrink it down to only 20 lines. 1000 lines without loops, 20 lines with loops.

I see that you already have a while loop in there, but try to learn what for loops are. Using those, this code would be no more than maybe 200 lines.

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ok thanks! And the same question over and over again wasn't my plan, I I just couldn't find a way to print a random question with the answer. I'm still working on it, and I'll fix the composite number one.