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[ game ] Antispam
Coder100 (18874)


It was a good evening for @Coder100 as he just got back from piano lessons... and then he checked his email :(

953 emails from! What is going on? Here's what is going on, he was being targeted at the start of the first wave of repl talk superspam, something, with the help of AA, has been finally suppressed :)


This game is just a satisfaction game to shoot down those spammers, is not going to let spammers rule it!

How to play

Click to shoot, I hope you enjoy the barrel animation ;)


The code is created with webpack and p5, although the p5 is probably a bad idea :(
It was originally done on but it crashed so I had to use vscode.


wow did not expect my brain to be so huge, the repl was private, thanks a lot hacker >:(


Apparantly people don't realize leaderboards are a thing. What are you waiting for? Deploy the screenshots!


I hope you enjoy :)

mesquite2234 (279)

" refused to connect" FLIP

JamesGordon1 (151)

@Coder100 bro, are we giving up on

I hope not cause it was fun to make

cmglj (6)

ok. i- this, omg I can't even talk bruh all I need to say is this is just mind blowing to me wow great game

iocoder (164)

"Hardest, but coolest, game ever" - Ridark @Coder100

OldWizard209 (1608)

NGL, Best I could have done.

Alice688 (105)

I......don't like it.

Alice688 (105)

Highest Score using MacBook:

TurtleAndrew (211)

This game is grate, i cant get more than 55, its really hard. Also i got a spammer banned(by reporting them) after only 3 minutes of them spamming. The most ironic part of it is that they were spamming a post about the reason the boards were temporarily disabled due to spamming.

Coder100 (18874)

adding you to leaderboard! @TurtleAndrew

TurtleAndrew (211)

@Coder100 the thing is that in the three minutes they put down like 100 comments with your name linked. I honestly hate people who do things like that. Also your game is SO HARD. Like its like 10000000x difficulty. I guess I'm just bad at the game :D

Coder100 (18874)

@TurtleAndrew oof those are the worst

anyways, any part of the game that is super hard?

TurtleAndrew (211)

@Coder100 All of it. I'm just not good at getting many points.

iocoder (164)

the fact that a bunch of emojis pop up all over your screen to terrorize you until you finally die and are shown the YOU LOSE screen @Coder100


I have tried to play this game after 30 min I got the total score of 400 after another 30 min I got 401 I’m serious. Dude u don’t even know how angry I was. I almost broke my hand hitting a tree thankfully it was only bleeding a little. Plz make this a little easy plz 🥺

ch1ck3n (2334)

@Coder100 Too many spammers in your game

LTI2 (116)

I upvoted because of description :)

Evelynmnysmith (1)

I tried to press a number, but it didn't do anything.

DarkswordsmanJG (43)

There are too many spams!

potatostomatos (302)

i need to get an auto-clicker...

Trex10 (7)

Great game!!!!!!!!!! My highest I could get was only 130 though ): This thing is really hard once you go after a score of 100.

CoolGuy27 (68)

@Coder100 Do you really have 300 notifs?!

also my highscore

Coder100 (18874)

yeah I actually did

also adding you! @CoolGuy27

CoolGuy27 (68)

@Coder100 get ready for a bunch of highscore soon! also RobertThomson4 is on there twice

Coder100 (18874)

oh oops thanks for reporting! @CoolGuy27


I like it! the only thing is the spammers come too fast. Maybe reduce the speed?

bgrubert (124)

I think I just got lucky

RobertThompson4 (12)

just in case someone has hope to beet my highscore :) @Coder100

RobertThompson4 (12)

no i did it ligit it may be hard to belive but i did want me to record me dooing it?

lukel_lv (23)

@lukel_lv Oh! I just got 103! yay

lukel_lv (23)

@Coder100 will you add me to the leaderboard? great game!

Coder100 (18874)

I think you are already added? @lukel_lv

Smart0ne (749)

I got 67 :( So low.

Coder100 (18874)

oof still adding you tho @Smart0ne

itsevanb (4)

huh for some reason cisco unbrella is blocking this game /shrug

Coder100 (18874)

@itsevanb oof my school ipad has cisco too how about that!