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Santa Hat-ifier — easily add a festive touch to any profile photo!


It's that time of year when people decide to randomly throw a santa hat on their profile photo. So I decided to make a tool that allows you to easily add this festive touch to your profile photo (or any other photo, for that matter)!

But how can I get in on the fun?

Just go to the link, hit "Upload Photo", and upload your photo. A moveable, scalable, stretchable, rotatable santa hat will appear — drag it anywhere over your photo and position it as you like. Use the dot on the boundary to scale/stretch the hat, and use the dot above the image to rotate it. Finally, hit the "Save!" button to save your image!

Note that only the region inside of your image will be saved — so if you stick the santa hat outside the image's boundaries, it'll get cut off or won't show up.

Cool! But is it really good?

Proof that it works: I made my seasonal profile photo with it! :D

UI snapshot:

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 12.02.19 PM

Fullscreen here! Must open in fullscreen for file download!

EDIT: There's been a recurring issue with saving files, however it has been fixed for most systems. If this is still the case for you, and you've opened the repl in a new tab, it's a browser/system incompatibility.

Hope you enjoy!

2 years ago
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...xhr API, FileReader API, maybe more.

Okay, okay, the FileReader I guess could make sense, since iirc, Chrome 70 has the Body prototype methods to directly get the data, but the XHR API!?

Chrome and Firehox ~40 had fetch:

That's well over 3 years, at least.

That's at least a 2016 browser :/

2 years ago