shadows — Multiplayer Shadowy Halloween Maze Game!
fuzzyastrocat (1867)

Welp, I misread the timestamp on the bramjam, so I guess I can't submit this, but I'm posting it here anyway! ( @bramley that is right, correct?)

This was a little experiment in raycasting and FOV graphics. The goal is to get to the green light at the end of the maze... the problem is that you only have a tiny lantern which casts light in one direction! So, it's basically a maze game where you can't see the goal, only what you could see in real life. Sounds fun, eh? :D

There is a server, so you can race your friends to the end. Additionally, you can drop beacons to help others out... provided that you're going the right way!

Gameplay Images


  • WASD/Arrow keys to move
  • SPACE to drop beacon


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RayhanADev (2606)

@fuzzyastrocat be honest, have you ever made anything that isn’t super duper amazing xD. Nice project, bramley better accept this lol.

fuzzyastrocat (1867)

@RayhanADev LOL yes, I would link some projects from bad coder me (me as of years ago) but they're too embarrassing :D

Thank you though!