[GAME] Askew MAJOR UPDATE — Age of steel!
fuzzyastrocat (1511)

In this new version of Askew, you can build new structures, use new tools, craft new items and much more!

New features

Here are the main new additions to the game:

  • You can show/hide the chat with the h key.
  • You can see all crafting recipes by clicking on the < in the upper-right and then selecting a category.
  • New items and resources! Steel, ovens, steel walls, ash, workbenches, roofs, picks...
  • Some items require that you are near other items to craft them. This is indicated by an item with a + in the recipes menu. (For instance, to craft a wooden wall you must have 30 wood and be standing right next to an already placed workbench.)
  • There are now multiple tools! You start off with a saw, which can be used to saw down trees and do other miscellaneous tasks. To get stone, you'll need to craft a pick, which can be obtained with 20 wood and being next to a workbench.
  • To switch tools, just click on the desired tool in your inventory.
  • Improved anti-hack! People hopefully have gotten tired of uselessly spamming the server anyway, but if you still are thinking about it please don't.


  • Getting a workbench set up is essential since almost everything now requires being near one. Getting a pick is also very helpful to craft more interesting items (you'll need stone).

  • You can obtain ash by extinguishing (removing) a fire.

  • Steel walls are more difficult to build, but they're also more difficult for others to tear down.

Enjoy! If you find any bugs please report them!

KNOWN BUG: If you craft too many types of items your inventory overflows. I'm working on a way of fixing this (dropping items).

IMPORTANT: Open the game in a new tab! If you don't, you'll end up spawning in the middle of nowhere, because I've implemented a security system to only allow players from the site itself.

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conkon300 (3)

@fuzzyastrocat Let us break the roofs, I'm lagging now because there are too many near me, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give us something, something to break them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

fuzzyastrocat (1511)

@conkon300 That's tricky... because you can't collide with a roof, there's no way to hit it as of now. I haven't had any time to work on this recently, but that is on a list of things todo.

conkon300 (3)

@fuzzyastrocat Stairs could help, there could be platforms to stand on too!!!
Also, please add a way to stop players from having curse words in their names too, thanks!

fuzzyastrocat (1511)

@conkon300 Stairs wouldn't help the aforementioned problem, but they are planned for the reason of platforms.

The curse words in their names is problematic for reasons I won't list here, but it's planned when I get time to work on this.

conkon300 (3)

@fuzzyastrocat maybe you could also add ways to get better materials, like mines hidden in the desert, and you could use shovels to dig holes in the ground to find them or something like that!!!!!!!!!

fuzzyastrocat (1511)

@conkon300 Much of what you've suggested here is planned. I only have so much time to implement it sadly :P

conkon300 (3)

@fuzzyastrocat Could you also add landmarks in the desert, so we don't get lost as easily?

fuzzyastrocat (1511)

@conkon300 [as I was about to respond to your previous comment] The desert is not designed to be traveled into, since it will later be replaced with multiple biomes. That hasn't been implemented yet however.

conkon300 (3)

@fuzzyastrocat I guess that explains the endless desert then!

conkon300 (3)

@fuzzyastrocat Maybe in the different biomes, you could add food and water, as this is a survival game, as you said in your first post!

conkon300 (3)

@fuzzyastrocat btw, you missed some stacked crafting tables in your sweep of the map.