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repldm alpha 0.0.1 - direct messaging in!

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repldm is a project that aims to bring direct messaging functionality to

*By me and



This is a very early version, plenty more to come!

try it out

As this project is in early alpha, bugs are expected - proceed with caution

**follow this guide to install ** - download the zip file from here (from source)

Also on GitHub (for version management)

Edit: fixed the download link

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for those of you who don't want to load the extension unpacked, here is a packed version:

To install:

  1. go to chrome://extensions (edge://extensions if on Microsoft Edge)
  2. Turn on developer mode
  3. drag and drop the CRX File.
  4. Install it.
  5. Begin the hell-storm of nonstop pingery.
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for security reasons, and due to how often we are updating the code, I would not recommend this.