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fixing puppeteer core and chrome with plugins
MarioX (7)

Showing how to use puppeteer-core and chrome with plugins enabled to view pages with media resources.
The encrypted code is the "nosudo" function that allows installation of NPM modules as root.
The real code starts further down.
the code is only for learning, do not use it for evil.

0 - Install Dependency modules ( need execute if fork it )
1 - Run Code (show chrome )
2 - Close Zombies process ( clear Docker Memory )
3 - do nothing

by Didisoftwares

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YodaCode (116)

??? where is the code

colonial345 (2)

not sure how this works still

CodeLongAndPros (1624)

Might I ask why you obfuscated the code?

CodeLongAndPros (1624)

@robots And yet you appear to want to suppress the decoded function

MarioX (7)

sorry, removed code, puppeteer not allowed by repl yet

Blankjp (3)

Can Someone just give me a step-by-step turtorial????