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first real neural network that works
PeytonMancuso1 (6)

it calculates how a student will do on a test. ones are how long a student is studying or doing work and zeros are how long a student is
sleeping or playing games.

CodingCactus (4160)

This has been unlisted as the description is spam. If you edit it to describe what you have made, then I will relist it.

PeytonMancuso1 (6)

@CodingCactus ok i changed it this is my first time uploading sorry.

PeytonMancuso1 (6)

@mwilki7 sorry I am very slow to reply but it really doesn't do anything, but the 1s and the 0s can mean something to the output like this, the 1s is the time the student studied and the 0s is the time the student spent sleeping or playing and the out put is the final test/score.