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CodeByte, A Chill Coding Forum (Jam-10 Submission)

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Ever wanted a place where you can ask for coding help, or share your projects without the bias of forums nowadays? Well introducing:


A Chill Coding Forum

CodeByte is coding forum with simplicity and user experience at foremost. This project was created in totality by @RayhanADev. It uses FireBase as a database, EJS as frontend templating, and NodeJS as backend server. I worked as long as humanely possible within the timeline that I got, and this is the result! (Also I know I’m a bit late for the Jam, I just wanted to post this anyways).

Check it out in fullscreen here

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Future Furret Development

Based on the amount of interest people seem to show, I’m thinking of taking this further by:

  • Adding a voting system
  • Creating more categories
  • Implementing Markdown editing
  • Moderation Powers

Comments or Suggestions?

Please tell me below, I would love to hear it!

Happy Coding!

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Ahh, ok.