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snake game... but you're the food 🍎 *EASY IF YOU KNOW THE TRICK*


Go visit
's for his ORIGNAL GAME

snake game... but you're the food 🍎 EASY IF YOU KNOW THE TRICK

If you played
's game, then you know the rules. I changed a little of the code to make it SUPER EASY ONLY if you know the trick. Otherwise it is SUPER hard.

The trick

WARNING ⚠! If you want to figure it out, DON'T LOOK!

So the trick is...first go to the bottom of the screen, then go left all the way, than go right all the way. Repeat this process until the snake defeats itself. That's it!

Screenshot 2021-03-07 140402

Note that sometimes the trick does not work D:


- did all the work

- I made it easier if you know the TRICK


2 years ago
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