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encryption with javascript! share secret messages with people!
TylerMunz (10)


i saw a lot of people making ciphers and stuff using python so i thought it'd be cool to make some encryption thingy with javascript, html, and css

you can share messages between you, your friends, and your family using whatever password you choose!


AtomicBlowout (0)

This is a pretty nice repl. Kinda like the one I made! You deserve more updates indeed though.
And a free upvote for you.
And question: Why the redirect.js

TylerMunz (10)

@AtomicBlowout oh well! thats something i always do on repl because if im saving cookies, it likes to redirect people to the non-https version of the website and then the cookies arent the same so its just something i like to do. even though im not saving any cookies i like doing it because the insecure notification is annoying

HackingGo306 (37)

I wish I was this good. This project deserves more votes!

TylerMunz (10)

@HackingGo306 Thank you so much!!! It really means a lot to me :)