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⚔⚔⚔Chase Down⚔⚔⚔
Codeverse (159)

Welcome to Chase Down!
It is a fun adventure/simulator game!
The adventure part has come out already! The game is not based on anything. I saw Sticky Collector posted once on a repl and I loved it. I took some controls from it and made Chase Down! It is still in beta production, so please comment if you find a bug.
Remember, you can die and reset if your health bar gets to zero.


(These rules are also found in the game.)

  • This game works best on laptops, computers, and tablets.
  • Use the joystick to move around. You are the gray person.
  • You can also use WASD, or arrow keys.
  • Kill the other people around you, and collect a bounty. You kill by clicking the "KILL" button while touching the person.
  • If you want, bring in the next mob of people by clicking the "Next" button.
  • Collect bounty from killing people to get better weapons multiplier.
  • Sometimes the people could drop things that would increase your health or weapon multiplier.
  • Sell your bounty to get a better weapon multiplier.
  • Check your bounty and other stats by pressing the "Data" button.
  • Open the console by holding down the "Data" button.
  • If you are ready, click the boss buttons to fight the bosses.
  • The bosses give 100 times your weapon multiplier and number rank bounty. They also give other upgrades.
  • Bosses need one final attack to finish them off.
  • Normal people can also inflict damage on you. You regenerate health after 10 seconds.


Thank you!

Codeverse (159)

@Brendan23 when does it do the script error?

Codeverse (159)

Like I promised I will add the mafia bosses and contact area stuff.

Codeverse (159)

Thx you very much!

RoyalCoder1234 (35)

This is amazing! Love the game!

Brendan23 (166)

@Codeverse I got this (not very descriptive) error:

Brendan23 (166)

@Codeverse so the game isn't finished yet?

RoyalCoder1234 (35)

Wait a second, that game, Sticky Collector, it is mine!