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iPod Classic
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It's virtual iPod. Use it like real iPod Classic. Nice looking, desk background makes it look like you are using real iPod Classic on desk.


Using Click Wheel

If you are on MOBILE, double-tap buttons on top and bottom of iPod to navigate.
If you are on DESKTOP, scroll over aboveformentioned buttons.


You can click any item by pressing centre button.


Currently preinstalled are Fur Elise by Beehtoven, 5th and 9th Symphonies by Beehtoven, and Hound Dog by Elvis Presley, 40th Symphony by Wolfgang Amedeous (however that is spelled) Mozart, and God Save The Queen (UK Anthem).


  • User Guide!
  • Preinstalled Music!
  • Menu button!
  • Play/Pause Button!

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oh i didnt mean to use markdown, i just accentdently put a tick at the end