duck132912 (210)

all you have to do is play it go to how to play and read the instructions

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2009k (11)

@duck132912 want to collaborate on some thing? I can teach you turtle or python?

duck132912 (210)

@2009k sure I am a noob at python

rediar (507)

@2009k Hello 2009k I have a chatbot that's not fully done but has a bunch of skills in the command section, maybe it'll help you. https://repl.it/@rediar/Chatbot-Version-20
if you're intrested, just message me

ebest (664)

@rediar yep interested

Mr. Rice!

Can you make a live session?

duck132912 (210)

@ebest mojang makes live sessions it is still developing multyplayer when it is done type in the muti url and PLAY