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does it work?
IOP3 (854)

so...i've been testing out with secret keys lately...

i made a secret key called it correct_answer and the value is 4.

if you type 4 it will say correct
if you dont type 4 it will say wrong

but of course it is a secret the value only i can view it not u but just test if it works on ur side cuz it works on mine.

excuse my terrible grammar and punctuation
plz dont take this down mods for low effort i just wanted to test something
plant3jyyehejy (16)

you have a traceback error on line 2
apparently you have a keyerror your key'correct_answer' doesnt exist or has no value

IOP3 (854)

yup! thats weird...on my side there is no error the program runs smoothly but for some reason when other people run it there is always that error you mentioned. @plant3jyyehejy

JBloves27 (1881)

nono work :(

P.S, inv me to repl, let me fix :) xD

IOP3 (854)

hmmm...what i thought. it works for me... @JBloves27


edit: how bout tomorrow today im kinda busy :/

Bunnytoes (139)

@IOP3 I have used secrets before if if statenebts are in python use that

you probally should have posted this is 'ask' but it's fine