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isaiah08 (86)

Hey! So... I haven't been active on Replit for a while cause I've been taking this course, so now that I'm done, I'll be posting a lot more. Anyways, using the python module flask, I created this ripoff of twitter.


  • Login system
  • Display all posts on one page
  • Display one post on a single page
  • User profile

So... that's basically it. I'm definitely gonna do another update in the future with mods, comments, being able to delete and edit your own posts, and a few other things.

You may notice when looking at the code that there's something called caws. This is something that I'll add later. It's basically like a Replit upvote, except it goes to the user, not his project AND the user.

Have fun! Please put ideas in the comments bellow.


User profiles are finished!

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VulcanWM (2874)

daepedia stopped ages ago lmfao, ask @ChezTacoz @isaiah08