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cryptocurrency miner in your browser!
Pokesi (6)


I made a cryptocurrency miner

But it's in your browser :3

The hashrate is low but it's better than nothing

just check it out!


donate as well toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

XMR: 87Jr3LTEH4D7ubaxJNsrKTQPzfitSPH4cgp254Yb3cyGHLdrP6fpaNjCjdph2cn8Sh9qjgxe9UMjoCrTDbnbqJUtJXK9bb4

candies (429)

That's not allowed in ReplIt, @CodingCactus

rediar (524)

@candies Your actually wrong (afaik). It's only not allowed if you mine on replit's machines, but this in this case the visitors to the site are mining so no harm is done to replit

Pokesi (6)

@candies yeah it's allowed i checked w mods :)