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Multiplayer realtime roguelike
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A simple realtime roguelike with an adventuring mode and a GM mode for dropping in monsters and objects. the code is a bit of mess, but the parts with monsters and items are kind of modular for coding up new ones.

Roguelikes are little tricky to learn to play, but once you get it, you can quickly get into any roguelike. You are an adventurer (the @ sign) in a top-down view of a D&D-style dungeon. You attack monsters (colored letters) by running into them or shooting them with wands.

  • Move with the HJKL keys (and YUNM for diagonal movement)
  • Pick things up by standing on top of them and pressing the comma key. You can view your inventory with the i key.
  • Open a door on an adjacent space with the o key then pick a direction key.


A quick guide to symbols:

  • + is a closed door
  • - and | are open doors
  • < and > are up and down stairs
  • / is a wand that you can pick up to shoot with s plus a direction
  • r is an Apeture Science portal gun that can be fired like a wand, but opens blue and orange portals allowing instant teleportation between them
  • ! is a potion that you can drink out of your inventory with q plus a slot number
  • 0 is a boulder (which you can push, and hide out of sight behind)



  • x is a stupid grid bug that attacks anyone it sees
  • n is nymph that is peaceful until attacked, then it will steal items from you and teleport away
  • H is SCP-096, which rests until someone gets close, then it will retentlessly pursue that person until they are killed or leave the level
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could you change the input to either arrow keys or wasd? its really weird to play with these controls

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I just got on this game and I agree.