RhinoRunner (865)

The evil glitch orbs have taken over the terminal!

It is your job to get to the finish, because if you don't, you die 🤔


the basic wasd controls:

w: up
s: down
a: left
d: right.


: A wall. You can run into it, it just wont do anything.
: A glitch orb. If you run into it, you die :(
: A door. Use this to get to the next area.
: This is you.
There are 6 areas, each one harder than the last

How to spot glitch orbs

You can only see a glitch orb if you are in the same row/column as it.

I am open to suggestions, and please tell me if something is wrong/broken!


Every time you open a chest, it can either take away 8 points or give you 10 points.

🥖 🥖 🥖 🥖 🥖

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Whippingdot (717)

glitch orb is the definition of @JBloves27 @RhinoRunner

RhinoRunner (865)

@JBloves27 hahahahahahahaha lmao XD XP lol bruh wow
saying any of these contributes nothing no the conversation

Whippingdot (717)

WHY ARE ALL MY FRIEND'S STATUS' SAYING THEY ARE INACTIVE ON REPL TALK??? @TsunamiOrSumth and @JBloves27. Even one of them is inactive on repl talk @RayhanADev.