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[GAME] Simon !!! How strong is your memory?
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This is a remake of the Simon game in which you have to remember the colors that will be shown.

I made this game to test myself on some jQuery, and to brush up my skills on JavaScript. The idea, however, came from a tutorial I was following.


  • Fully responsive
  • Animations
  • Sound effects.
  • Red screen punishment

How to play?

This game is relatively easy to understand. You will be shown color and you have to remember what it is. You are then supposed to click that color. Then once again you will be shown a color, and then you have to click the previous color, with the one recently shown.

For example, you are shown the color blue, you will press blue, and then if you are shown yellow, you will press blue and yellow.



Comment down your high scores below, and I hope you enjoy!!!

PS: Play in fullscreen here

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cool game! Also i scored a 13