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antagonistic (1)

At the top of the program, add a comment or comments that states your name, date and assignment name, just like you would with an English paper.
Underneath that, add a single-line print statement that says, "This is my first real program!"
Underneath that, add a multi-line comment that says, "Python is a super cool and fun programming language."
Then take some time to explore the following and what they do - \n and \t . The backslash () is known as an escape character and is used to display different types of white space and to prefix other special characters that do specific things for the code. Enter them into your print() statements at the beginning, middle, and end of lines. For example: print("\tThis is my first real program!") or print("This \nis \nmy \nfirst \nreal \nprogram!")

maryfreemann1 (0)

I am looking for more assignments like you've posted for practice in python learning. Where are you getting them? What exactly would these support assignments entail for self-pace work?