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coding tycoon!
epicman702 (506)

become a rich coder in this python game!

epicman702 (506)

So if you type 999999999999, expect it to take a while.

epicman702 (506)

pls note that to define the time, the code difficulty is multiplied by five.
so if you put 20, it will take 100 seconds, long!

epicman702 (506)

post any suggestions

gSymer (0)

Don't know why but on running your program, an error message (line 35) shows up. You may want to look into that.

epicman702 (506)

@gSymer I've made a new update and I've tried to iron out as many bugs as I could. Pls try again

finmarlin (5)

Could you explain what the objective of the game is? I'm not sure what to do...

epicman702 (506)

@finmarlin well it is in alpha and I haven't added the take-away money if you buy so it is quite boring...