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cms coin
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Cmscoin 'Cc' is a social experiment utility token developed by Sessions

At launch the price of 1Cc is N100.

As a utility token, its price rises as more members sign up and invest the project.

The official price appreciates weekly by 5%.

This means that as every week goes by the holders of Cc enjoy a weekly 5% increase of their portfolio.

Here's a simple analogy:

Richard bought 1000 Cc (N100,000) @ N100/Cc.

After 4weeks the price of 1Cc rose to N120, this implies that Richard's 1000Cc of N100,000 is now worth N120,000.

What can I do with my Cc?

You can invest in Cc and watch it appreciate weekly and withdraw much later or sell to new members.

In weeks to come we will introduce Cc sports bet system and also Cc to Trx swap.

Also in relation to the progress of the platform we will introduce Cc loans to help students in tertiary institutions and also small scale business enterprises.




  1. Cmscoin "Cc" is a utility token and only available to registered members on this platform.

  2. Cc Airdrops can be withdrawn after you make your first deposit.

  3. All Cc tokens purchased are insured at the price when bought.

  4. If there be any reason for closure of account you get in return the price you bought Cc.

  5. Minimum deposit N500 and Minimum withdrawal N5000.

  6. You can only transfer Cc to other members once you undergo KYC verification.

  7. Always contact support for assistance.

  8. Earn 0.5Cc whenever your referrals make a deposit.

  9. Carrying out a transaction greater than your available balance will lead to account suspension.

  10. Selling Cc at discounted rate is forbidden, defaulters will be banned from our platform.

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Interesting, but.... what is it for? XD