pretty cool web chatroom if i say so myself
rafrafraf (1392)

the server:

the server is in python using the sanic library for requests.

you can join any room(provided you have the password if its locked) and talk to everyone in real time, and see who else is in each room.

you can create your own room, upload a background image for the room, name it and put a password on if you want to make it private.

i made the server and client from scratch in under 2 days so i'm quite pleased with it - i'm 17 doing a level computing.

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rafrafraf (1392)

@chippycoder08 thank you for letting me know, i actually havent had time to work on the chatroom in a while as im working on my project and another site entirely. im also currently still working on my alevels and have a job aswell. (and!) im making a site for a friend. so my hands are quite tied at the moment. when i find time however, i will get back to the chatroom. and definitely add message filtering. thanks for your patience and interest :)