I bundled software with Windows 98 so you don't have to

Ever wanted to browse the web on Windows 98? Now you can!

I built a website so you can install a Windows 98 software bundle!

But Why?

You can't browse the web on Windows 98, meaning that you can't install a web browser without writing to an external CD/USB. Now that it's included on a setup disc, you can install Windows 98 and install extra stuff from the same CD.

Otherwise, to do it like I did, you would have to buy MagicISO. MagicISO costs around $30.00, so I don't think that many people would buy it just to make a custom setup CD.

I also really like old computers. I have a computer running Windows 95, and another one running Windows XP. I have a lot of old computer software that I found.

I prebundled software so that you can browse the internet in a VM (tested in virtualbox only, havn't tested vmware).

It includes:

  • Firefox 0.20
  • SimCity 2000
  • DOOM
  • Tetrix (remake of Tetris)

I have my contact info on the site if you want to suggest anything! I'm open to ideas!


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@ch1ck3n sorry, i was packing stuff for my room
there is a 2nd download containing everything you need to run it. if you don't want to download it, just follow these steps (assuming you know how to set up a vm in virtualbox):

set up Windows 98 normally (go here to activate) then go to windows explorer.

from there, select your disk drive (not your hdd) and open the extra-software folder. there should be 4 folders. if you want games, install/copy the games (some games are preinstalled to folders), or if you want firefox, head into the firefox subdirectory and run the setup. make sure it doesn't install to the disc.

i'll make this accessible on the website in the future.