PyWPM, Terminal Typing Game

What is PyWPM?

PyWPM is a game where you type words in under 3 seconds, this requires about 30wpm to do.

This game also trains people to type as fast as I (149 WPM). My high score before the high score feature is 45 words.

What are the highest global scores?


This took me a while to develop. after all of this time developing other projects, I personally lost faith in this project. I decided to stop being lazy and to get up and develop this game completely.

This project will have updates regularly to fix bugs, errors, and features. So we might as well have a changelog for useful purposes.


  • Added Global High-score Tracker
  • Fixed Minor Bugs
  • Caused small bugs in the making.
  • Added Difficulties
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@ch1ck3n shshh. marketing tips go brrr