Bob, your awesome assistant!

Bob is an awesome, CLI-oriented, and easy-to-use, Assistant!

For help type bob-cmds in the Command Line.

If you don't want to do that, the list is below
[clear - clears window, datetime - gets date and time, bing <what> - bing searches something and gives link to answers, addTodo <what> - adds todos, getTodos - gets todos, deleteTodo <tName> - deletes todos, howTo q=<what>- searches how to do something, goToDocsFor <lang> - goes to docs for language, opn <what>, bob-imp <feeback> - give feedback, bob-inf - info, bob-update - starts update, def <word> - gives definition for word, calc <exprsion> - calculates, bob-inf - info]

I made Bob in python because:
1. I don't know Ruby
2. I have no idea how to embed a CLI into a webpage and how to port the Python code to JS (it needed many un-traditional Python things like string indexing and splicing etc...).
3. I figured Python is kinda 'King/Queen of the Terminal' for me xD!

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