the best game in the planet!
potatojs (843)

how to play?

just dodge red shots and collect bonuses! the value of each bonus is based on it's size the bigger it is the more it gives you!


this game is inspired from this one :

leader board

if you get i very high score just take a screen shot and send it in the comments below! so i can add you! i'm going to add you in less than 24hours. if i said that i will add and you didn't see your name in the leader board, just refresh the page.

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Nettakrim (691)

bonuses spawn every 2 seconds, on average you get 3 (or 2.5?) points from them (between 1 (0?) and 5) this means you can times the seconds played by 1.5 ((1/2)*3) to get how many points would be expected

so you would need to play for 1400 seconds (unless i did my calculations wrong) to get above 2000

i also play computer games for 6.5 hours a day lol, maybe theres a correlation

ways to get around waiting 20 mins (without cheating tons):

if you zoom out while the game is started you can keep your mouse outside the spawning zone, keeping the player safe so they can wait out 20 minutes

if you set up chrome so there is only the game and an empty tab colored light gray you can hold ctrl+tab and effectivly halve the speed of the game, making tricky maneuvers easier

i think if i used my 144hz monitor it would run 1.5 times faster so i would only have to wait 7 mins