ApoorvSingal (105)


Volant is a general-purpose data-oriented high-level programming language with a focus on speed, power, asynchronicity, and concurrency. Volant is designed with simplicity in mind, allowing both low-level and high-level features with simple and easy to use syntax. Volant is transpiled to c with no or a very thin layer of abstraction over the code you write, which makes it as fast as c in almost all cases.

The team

The language was designed and developed solely by me.

Try it out

Step 1: Fork this repl.
Step 2: Edit the file named main.vo and press the run button to try it out.

You can also try Volant on our online Volant playground here.

Useful links

EDIT: @CSharpIsGud made a complete operating system using Volant. Check it out here.

Any constructive feedback is appreciated and thanks for checking it out.

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emd22 (18)

are you allowed to submit a project that was started before the jam?!

HahaYes (1869)

@emd22 uh good question. But uh... they worked hard on this!

TheDrone7 (1934)

@emd22 You were allowed to work on the basic compiler before the jam. Since we also allowed redoing old languages and/or just adding lots of new features to your old languages, we decided to allow working on the very basic compiler before the jam began.

ApoorvSingal (105)

bruh there are even submissions that have been under development for literally years

xxpertHacker (931)

@ApoorvSingal Yeah, I saw one that is literally 11 years old :/